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If I put hundreds of keywords in my meta tags will I get a better rank? If I use the same colour text as my background so it becomes invisible will I get a better rank? If I submit my web pages hundreds of times will I do better? Find out how you could be blacklisting yourself in search engines.

spamming search engines and cloaking

There's always someone who has the 'sneaky way' to fool search engines. And the minute the word gets out - everyone tries it. Of course, search engines are oblivious to this and never notice it at all... I don't think so! Each search engine has its own Spam unit. And each search engine knows exactly how to combat the would be Spammers. Don't be fooled by anyone who tells you they know more about it than the search engines themselves. Find out what does work and what doesn't from someone who has tried it all.


It's so simple for anyone with some basic understanding of HTML to download top ranking pages from major search engines and copy the code to use themselves. Getting a top rank with search engines is becoming much of a science and the minute you think you've cracked it - someone steals your code. How do you avoid it? Well, there is an answer - it's called 'cloaked HTML' or IP Delivery and basically, what it means is - search engine spiders see one thing - and visitors to your site see another. So now, no one can steal your code. But how is it done? And what do the search engines think about it? Both Ralph Tegtmeier and John Heard are leading experts in 'cloaking'. In the guide they talk openly and at length about what they refer to respectively as 'The Smart Bomb' of search engine positioning and 'Industrial Strength Cloaking'

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