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Yahoo! is the world's biggest directory. And Google is probably the world's biggest search engine. But do you know the difference between them? And why it's crucial that you do? Now that you have to pay to be included in the major online directories like Yahoo! and Looksmart, it's more important than ever to make sure that you are submitting to the right category and that your site has passed the strict quality control tests they have in place.

how directories like yahoo and odp work

In the section on 'How Directories Work' I'll explain exactly what happens from the minute you submit your site, to the minute the directory editor comes to visit your site to give it the QA. Thousands of sites are dismissed at the first stage with Yahoo! because they didn't understand what the editors would be looking for. A broken link, an image or Flash site which takes too long to download - and you're out. Is part of your site under construction or does it have a 'coming soon' section? You're out again - and remember - you're the one who is paying for this rejection! Get it right the first time.

The guide explains in detail what the difference is between search engines and directories and has supporting interviews from both Yahoo! and Google. Don't make the mistake of not knowing the difference or how they work or you may be the cause of your own poor ranking.

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