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How do I select key words? Where should I put my key words? Should I use more than one word? Do I only put key words in meta tags? The importance of using the right keywords cannot be over emphasised. So many sites fail to achieve their marketing objectives quite simply because they are targeting the wrong keywords. It's essential to understand the way that surfers search themselves. Using a single keyword can bring back millions of pages in a search and surfers know this now. Which is why they tend to use more than one word for a search, or even a natural language question.

Some sites at the top of search engines get thousands of visitors - and some don't. Why? Because even if you are at the top of the search engines for a more obscure term or phrase you'll generate less traffic than targeting the search terms that your potential customers actually use. How do you find out which are the most popular terms that people are using. The guide has links to online services which can show what people are really typing into the search boxes at search engines. Find out the best way to search for popular key words and how to use them on your web pages to achieve a better rank.

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