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Meta tags are the answer to everything wrong with your web site. If you use meta tags on all of your pages and submit them to search engines, you will always come to the top. You will have thousands of visitors every day who will spend their hard earned money on your site and make you a millionaire. Meta tags will help you lose weight, become a world class athlete and be irresistible to the opposite sex. True? Find out!

meta tags and important html tags

Meta tags do play a role when you are optimising pages for search engines - but not all search engines look at meta tags - so they're not as crucial as you may think. Which ones do - and which ones don't? Find out. There is one HTML tag which is guaranteed to get you a better rank in search engines than meta tags ever will - which one is it? The guide takes all of the tags where keyword rich copy can be used and retrieved by search engine spiders and step-by-step shows you how to build a keyword rich page that will please both search engine spiders and your visitors.

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