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Will my Flash site get a better rank because it has better graphics? Will my site do better if it has lots of Java effects on it? Will my site get more attention from search engines if it has thousands of pages delivered dynamically? Find out which technology will help - and which won't!

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Search engines use extremely advanced technology to perform their information gathering and information retrieval function. However, sometimes they are not as advanced as the web developers out there who are always coming up with new technologies. If you want to include multimedia streaming technologies into your site - are you sacrificing your search engine position? Could be. Craig Silverstein of Google explains some of the problems and what search engines are doing to combat the incompatibility with certain sites. For many years search engines have not been able to read frames based sites, but that has changed. When will they be able to read Flash sites and catalogue information from dynamically powered sites? Find out from the 'Horse's mouth'.

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