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There's much talk in web circles and on the web itself about there being hundreds or even thousands of search engines. But the truth of the matter is that, about 95% of all traffic on the web comes from a handful of major search services. If I was going to spend my time trying to get my company's web site a decent rank in search engines I know exactly where I would be spending my time and money. When you know where all the potential traffic is - then you stand a chance of driving it your way.

Once you understand the major players and how they work you'll find that your job becomes a lot easier. Who are the majors? What's their goal? If you know the answers to these questions you'll find yourself submitting perfectly optimised pages to the places where it counts. Find out which are the major search engines and directories on the Internet and don't waste your efforts in the wrong places. The guide contains a background to each of the major search services with addresses and telephone numbers included.

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